RISE Monthly Membership

RISE is the monthly membership for Inner Sanctuary.  It is sacred space created to catalyze and support your spiritual journey.  Here's what's included: 

LIVE GROUPS: RISE Gatherings are mini ceremonies with guided meditation, discussion, energy work and Q&A. They are held with the intent for you to spend time with your Soul, be supported by a sacred community and simply explore your spiritual nature as Lindsey works her magic, soothing and uplifting those in her presence. Each gathering lasts about 75 minutes and occurs on Sunday evenings around the Full Moon (once a month).

DISCUSSION: Our discussion continues beyond the RISE Gatherings in our membership portal hosted online here at Inner Sanctuary Studio. Lindsey shares spiritual guidance, practices and tools, as well as questions, to activate and catalyze your spiritual alignment and explorations. This is also the place YOU can ask questions and share what's happening on your journey from a spiritual perspective -- no one is going to tell you you're weird around here (read more below)! 😉

COMMUNITY: This community was created as a place for you to feel accepted for exactly who you are—even if you don’t feel like you know Her right nowconnected to like-minded hearts, your deeper sense of self and Source and divinely inspired to pursue your unique path in life

You'll also receive first look at new programs, workshops and sessions which you'll often have the opportunity to try out for free!

Please note seats are limited so I can provide the deepest level of connection and attention for your spiritual journey. 


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Join the Sacred Explorers of Inner Sanctuary and learn how to tune into the magical side of yourself and life.  You'll receive the free monthly Soul Flow & Lunar Guide as well as invitations to exclusive Inner Sanctuary experiences.