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Hi! If we haven't met yet, I'm Lindsey! I've been intentionally walking my spiritual path since 2007, when I first embraced this truth for myself:

discontent is inner wisdom 

Since then, I've spent years refining my own spiritual practices, continuing to embrace my own truths, trusting my intuition and perhaps most importantly, learning to follow that wisdom through and align my life accordingly. 

soul expression is freedom

Yet the work to experience one's soul and then sustain and even deepen the connection amidst the chaos of being human, requires skills, experience and devotion not many have. For me though, there's simply no other way to truly live.

I was divinely created as a beacon of light for others wanting to transcend the ordinary. My life was designed to provide me the wisdom and confidence to guide beautiful people like you through uncertain, uncharted territory all while teaching you how to develop a resilient state of peace and power within.

If you feel there's something still missing from your life or you're answering the call of your soul to "get serious" about your spiritual journey and development or maybe you feel an activation, a pull deep within as you interact with me, I may be the guide for you.

I encourage you to [schedule an invitation call] or [EMAIL ME] and let's find out if it feels right for me to support you. While RESONANCE clients are my priority, we can also discuss single session availability or what's on the horizon.




 A 6 or 12 month sacred journey with me to help you cultivate spiritual resonance in your life.

I've designed this journey to be easy on your calendar (one scheduled call per month) by providing extensive behind-the-scenes and additional "as needed" support (coaching and healing arts).


now is the time to

embrace your inner power 

what is spiritual resonance?

The quality of a vibration, impacting external objects through its coherent rhythm.

Spiritual Resonance is a very intentional type of coherence, generated by cultivating the connections between our human self, our Soul and our Source (God, The Divine, Creator).

Spiritual Resonance is key to experiential personal power and self-led spiritual growth.

This type of resonance positively affects everything in its field, from the inside out. Pure concentrated spirit pulsed into the fabric of life around us.

Imagine moving through your day, so deeply rooted in the vibration of your own essence and in harmony with life around you, that no matter what shit hits the fan, your core state of being remains unchanged and you're able to respond with grace and compassion.

And when your core is shaken, which is inevitable in our human lives, you are able to hold yourself with that same grace and compassion, knowing as soon as the discord plays out, you'll be in resonance once more, with expanded capacity and capabilities.

My mission is to guide as many humans as possible into spiritual resonance so that we may raise the vibration of humanity and turn the tide of our planet.

It is not a quick fix and the aim is not perfection, but rather a learned and confident riding of the waves where we become more and more buoyant, through every personal experience.

I'll be there, quite literally, every step of the way with loving wisdom, compassionate guidance, generous sacred space and immersive energy support.

We're going to practice together. Dive deep together. Rest together. Laugh together. Cry together. Brave the darkness together. Find the light together.

walk with me

The Spiritual Resonance Journey (aka RESONANCE) is for those who believe their greatest source of (or connection to) power lies within... Those answering the call of their soul to align and resonate more strongly with their own wisdom and power.

RESONANCE has very limited capacity so that I can serve in an unlimited way. In fact, the epic level of support is the most important element of this journey. 

Offering unlimited support allows me to hold a deep-capacity, expansive container for you, as you develop, elevate and deepen your own resonance during our six or twelve months together. It ensures you'll always have a soft, sacred space to land--with me.

Click below to schedule a call where we can go over all the details, including the amazing gifts, your start date or my availability for a single session.



a few love notes

"Lindsey puts her entire soul into her work. She is one of the most gifted, intuitive, compassionate people I have ever had the pleasure of connecting with. Every session with her feels like another part of me is unfolding and blooming, opening up to the light of pure, Divine wisdom."


"I'm so fortunate I found Lindsey! She is like having a best friend who loves you unconditionally but can provide profound guidance regardless of the situation. From crying and needing to vent to celebrating life with her, from hour long sessions or a Facebook post, I know I can count on her to give my soul exactly what I need and when I need it."



a closer look at our journey together 

During the Welcome Ceremony, we'll customize your journey to best support you. Here is the core template: five touchstones to create a rhythm and catalyze your resonance.

With UNLIMITED support, you can request additional sessions when needed.

Each month begins with an ILLUMINATION session I perform behind the scenes (BTS) for you. This is an energy work/reading session which naturally includes a transmission guide (1-2 page) of my impressions, observations, work performed, as well as inspiration and guidance for the cycle ahead. The transmission guide is delivered to you in email and uploaded into your client library on the first, second or third of the month.

Next up is your own ENVISION + EMBODY exercise, a self-paced reflection practice. This is your monthly prompt to review, clarify or redefine the experience of life you are creating. I provide everything you need for this exercise, but you're welcome to make it your own. You'll document your notes inside your library, so I can support your vision exactly as you are intending it. You're highly encouraged to practice the visualization and embodiment portion daily. 

We then take your vision into our only pre-scheduled live call, the SOUL IMMERSION session. This is where I hold very tangible sacred space for you to drop deeper into yourself. I'll provide guidance, tools and techniques to clear anything in the way of you experiencing the energy of your own soul. Then we plot any practical lifestyle changes you feel called to make. We try to do these just before the new moon, so you can continue working with your own resonance during that auspicious time. The length of these sessions will vary based on your needs at the time (up to 75 minutes for ESSENTIALS and 2 hrs for UNLIMITED).

The following week, I perform a SUSTAIN + EXPAND session (BTS) which is the second dedicated energy work/reading session, complete with the transmission guide and any specific guidance for your integration space. These energy work sessions are designed to activate and maintain your own energy field in a way that allows you to more easily and quickly drop into your field, restore and expand. It's as if I've not only left the light on for you, but am also holding the door for you.

The last week of the month is INTEGRATION SPACE. This is light downtime for you to acclimate holding all the work we've done. We expect low-to-no contact with one another, so you can really settle into your own energy field. However, if you really need me because life happens or you may have immediate questions regarding your integration experience, I'm still at your fingertips. The only planned exception is one week per quarter where we go into private retreat (in whatever way is possible for you). 


Welcome Ceremony: We celebrate YOU, go over technical stuff, ensure you know the ins and outs of your library, sync our calendars and energy. I also learn some details to customize your kit!

Resonance Journey Sacred Space Kit: A box of magical, luxe gifts to elevate and support your journey. A 10ml roller of a customized essential oil blend with crystal roller; 10ml roller of Inner Sanctuary's Sacred Space Blend; 1-2 personally chosen crystals or other sacred space items. 1-2 rotating gifts based on your personal preferences for self love & care. All items are energetically charged by me upon creating your kit and then continually charged during SUSTAIN + EXPAND sessions.

Dedicated Pen & Journal: I also personally choose a pen & journal for each client in which I will record all your session notes and tidbits of inspiration and encouragement along the way. You will receive this gift at the end of your Resonance Journey for you to hold a beautiful physical expression of your journey and our work together.


now is the time to deepen your spiritual groove

With my wide-spectrum support, alchemizing guidance and generous sacred space, you will transform and elevate your inner state of being and watch your own resonance recreate the life around you.



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