If you feel a bit stuck, completely hopeless or just don't know where to turn for spiritual support, let me guide you BEYOND the veil. 

I am not here to tell you what is wrong or what to do, but rather to show you that you already know. My soul sessions reveal your own inner wisdom (and teach you how to use it) through a dynamic blend of intuitive guidance, energy work, holistic psychology + spiritual coaching. 
If you are completely new to my work, Beyond The Veil sessions are best initiated with a Discovery Call so we can discuss what's going on and/or what your goals are. Then I can let you know if, and how, I can best support you. 
During the Discovery Call or Welcome Ritual, I'll explain what modalities I expect us to utilize and we'll determine which in-session options are best for your specific session.

While every session varies a bit, we're usually in session an hour and a half to two hours and I often spend another 15 minutes before and after (30 total) to prep and complete notes in your portal.

Here is the basic overview for a BEYOND session:

△ 15-20 minute Welcome & Opening Ritual (via Zoom & recorded)

△ 30-60 minutes of energy work (guided audio in your portal)

△ 30-60 minutes of integration coaching (via Zoom & recorded)

You also receive access to a private portal which houses your session: recording, guided audio, notes + additional resources as needed.


△ Explorer Level Access to Inner Sanctuary (community space via browser or app)

△ 10 days of follow up support (via private messaging inside Inner Sanctuary)

△ Access to The Meditation Cache (my private podcast of community meditations)

These sessions are deeply transformative and everyone responds a little differently. I highly recommend ensuring you have a spacious, easy day following your session or taking half a day off, if possible. Continue to nurture and nourish yourself in the days after, as you integrate our work together.

Upon purchase, you'll receive instant access to your private portal where you can get started! You'll find the session overview, my Creating Sacred Space Guide, space to take notes, a guided audio for the energy work portion and a link to schedule the date of your session. 

I want you to feel 100% confident in your investment. Please don't hesitate to book a discovery session to get to know me first. All Love, zero pressure.